Measures to increase cost-efficiency and flexible interpretation of the strict rules on the operation of a ship to cut cost are often at the expense of safety, of safe travels without damage to the ship and cargo and of the quality standards. The results are problems with port and flag state control or with oil companies and traders, in the case of vettings on board tankers or bulk carriers. Lack of customer satisfaction, disregard of the ship by charterers and deterioration of the revenue situation are the result.

We have access to a network of highly qualified, independent nautical and technical inspectors. All industry-typical inspections on the ships of our customers, are carried out taking into account the international rules, but always keeping an eye on the economic aspect of the operation of a ship.
Within the framework of our comprehensive consulting services, potential for improvement on board, again always in compliance with international regulations, is highlighted and supported until implementation.


Our services at a glance

  • Audits in accordance with the ISM and ISPS code
  • Pre-Vetting inspections
  • Company audits in accordance with TMSA3
  • General ship inspections (e.g. Pre-purchase, pre-drydocking, Damage- and repair inspections)
  • Trainings for personnel development and to raise the standards on board