Workshop to create a business development strategy for a shipping company

In a two-day workshop, we guided the international management team of a shipping company in Athens through the process of creating a business development strategy to weighing up the strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls. Thereafter we assisted the team with the implementation.


Interim management in sales & marketing for a ship manager

As an interim manager, we supported a shipping company based in Hamburg in the formation of a sales & marketing department and in the execution of corresponding sales activities through to the redesign of the external image, website and brochures.


Creation of the safety management system for a start-up in the tanker segment

For a start-up in the field of tanker shipping, we were assigned to create the safety management system through to obtaining the Document of Compliance (DOC). To do this, we were able to build on existing documentation in the cloud-based management system, but had to make tanker-specific adjustments to ensure safety for the crew, ship and the environment. On board, our inspectors carried out the training of the crew and accompanied the necessary audits through to certification.


Interim consultant "Nautical, technology, ship safety and environmental protection"

As an interim manager, we assisted a Hamburg based shipping customer in the field of nautical, technology, ship safety and environmental protection and represented the company nationally and internationally at specialist conferences and symposia.

The professional advice also included the assessment and risk assessment with regard to the influence of new regulations and laws on the operation of a merchant ship.


Creation of market analyzes for international shipping customers - assistance with market entry decision

We were able to assist a German shipowner with a market report on the topic of bunker purchases in difficult times and in the event of the imminent bankruptcy of a single vessel company.  We also examined the German market with regard to the management of dry and  bulk cargo vessels. 


Pre-purchase and condition assessment inspection

In the tanker sector in particular, but also in the case of container ships or bulk carriers, we have been able to demonstrate our expertise in this segment time and again during visits over the past few years. A detailed inspection of the ship, the engine, all spaces and tanks before making a purchase decision is of great importance for the economic future of the investment.


HR Consulting – we find the right candidate

We focus on the maritime industry when recruiting and executive search is concerned. As consultants we have already been able to actively support various shipping companies in filling vacancies in inspection, chartering, operations or ship accounting. For an international shipping agency, we were successfully active in the search for the agency management and staff for the start-up in Hamburg. We also support newly created positions with the preparation of an attractive job description.