Recognize and use potential for improvement

The safe execution of a voyage without harm to people, ship, cargo and the environment must have the highest priority for every crew and shore organization.

Compromising  ship safety or quality standards will lead to problems with port and flag state controls or with customers, i.e. charterers, banks and investors. Failure to comply will result in missing out on good charters, leading as a consequence to the deterioration of the company’s or vessel’s economic situation.

The condition of the ship and compliance with internationally binding regulations require regular checks.

We have a network of highly qualified, independent nautical and technical inspectors. All industry-typical visits are carried out in accordance with international regulations. Potential for improvement is shown, but the economic aspect of the operation of a seagoing vessel is always kept in mind.


Our services at a glance

  • ISM, ISPS audits
  • Pre-Vetting inspections
  • TMSA audits of tanker management companies
  • Inspections and onboard visits
  • Onboard crew development training to improve standards