Noblesse oblige - so does entrepreneurship

This was the header of an article published by the online edition of the Berlin newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” on June 26, 2006. Entrepreneurship is an obligation, not only towards employees, customers or suppliers, but also towards society as a whole.

The article goes on to say: "It is a myth to believe that human and charitable commitment is something for some, and socio-political commitment ... something for others."

We subscribe to this understanding of values. Imrecke Consulting therefore supports, both financially and personally, the activities of "Friends for Kids - International Fostering and Cultural Exchange of Children e.V." in Pinneberg.

This association was founded 15 years ago by a small circle of business men from Hamburg and Pinneberg, who individually reached various stages in economic and social life to get actively involved.

All members, including the administration, work on a voluntary basis and this ensures that 100% of the funds from donations go to the children.

“Friends for Kids” has supported a wide variety of projects over the past few years. The basis was always the convincing concept of the project management that children are the focus of the project, that the donated money actually reaches the children and that sustainability is ensured.

For example, in Pinneberg, theater performances under the title “The Hedgehog Secret” were supported in front of kindergarten and elementary school children on the subject of violence prevention, in the Volta region in Ghana the construction of a school building and in Burkina Faso the construction of a school kitchen and the promotion of the best in class were made possible.  Friends-for-Kids e.V. also took over the school fees, enabling 60 children in Java / Indonesia to attend primary school and provided very young orphans in northern Thailand with the most basic care they need.

The website provides more information about the association's projects.